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What does Summit Collaborative believe?
All of our planters and partner churches endorse The Baptist Faith & Message.

What makes the Summit Collaborative different from other church planting groups?
Check out our values on the About page. Also see below for why we decided to start a family like this one in the first place.

How do I become a Summit Collaborative planter?
All the information you need is found on the Plant page.

How do we become a Summit Collaborative partner?
Please email us at for more information on joining us.

There are a lot of denominations and networks out there. Why start a new family of churches?

We have found that the multiplication of local churches is most effective when they share a common vision and DNA. Broader denominations and networks specialize in being able to take on larger initiatives. But within those broad networks, we need tight groups of churches that can partner together more closely for the sake of multiplication. Assessment, training, and coaching are most effective in these smaller families because of their shared identity.

Summit Collaborative exists to that sort of family. We are not trying to replace the important roles that broader networks play. We encourage our churches to participate in those broader networks. Rather, we are a family of churches that work closely together around a common vision.

Why change the name?

For several years we called ourselves the Summit Network. To better represent our identity as a family that partners with broader networks like Send Network, in 2019 we decided to rename ourselves as the Summit Collaborative. The name Summit represents The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC, where our vision to plant 1000 churches was born. Collaborative represents our identity as a family of churches that work together for the sake of that common mission and collaborate with others to do so.

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