Looking to plant a Church?

Every spring, we do assessments for our Church Planting Cohort. The Church Planting Cohort is a 9 month “finishing school” for leaders who are ready to plant a church and would benefit from the equipping provided by our family of leaders and a roundtable of like minded planters.

Most of the planters in our cohort come from within our family of churches. The church where they are in residence is their sending church. This relationship is important as we think of the Collaborative as a family because each church needs another church to be their direct parent.

In addition to raising up internal candidates from within our family of churches, we partner with other planters who share our vision of planting gospel-centered, balanced, multiplying churches. For these candidates, in addition to our assessment process, we help facilitate connections with Collaborative pastors in the target planting area. One of our churches needs to sign on as the “sponsor church” to ensure this new plant will be grafted into the family in the best way possible. If your church is not a Collaborative Church but is interested in being your sending church, that is a great way for us to move forward.


  • Leadership Finishing School – Residency is not an internship. It is a highly intentional leadership program for experienced pastors who want to make the greatest impact they can make in church planting. You will be poured into by seasoned coaches and mentors from around the Collaborative who are invested in your success.

  • Church Planting Incubator – We don’t just teach you everything we have learned about church planting. You begin planting (or re-planting) the church while in residency, taking what you learn in your cohort and applying it to your growing church.

  • Gospel Immersion – We believe the gospel changes everything, including how you plant a church. By experiencing gospel-centered culture and having the gospel applied to your life, you’ll be better equipped to plant a gospel movement in your city.

  • Intentional Relationships – your cohort will become like a church planting family, and along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with like-minded leaders from our family and others around the country.

  • Financial Support – in our church planting cohort, you will have the opportunity to be connected to our network of supporting and sending churches.


  • If you are interested in planting with us, email

  • If your church is not a Collaborative Church but is interested in being your sending church, that is a great way for us to move forward. A leader from that potential sending church should email to begin a conversation.