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Plant 1000 CHURCHES in our generation…
Jesus commissioned his disciples to take the gospel to the world. They did so by planting churches. This wasn’t by chance – it was God’s plan, and his plan hasn’t changed. God’s strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission is planting churches. By planting (and replanting) churches around the world we will see the gospel advance beyond our wildest dreams.

by equipping leaders to PLANT…
Just like then, God uses called and competent men and women to build his church. Our goal is to play a part in developing and equipping those kind of people. Through training, coaching, care and funding, we aim to equip pastors and their spouses to steward their gifts to plant healthy, thriving churches.

Planting does not end when you are sent and God did not intend us to make this journey alone. Through Summit Collaborative, we provide coaching, care, and consulting to strengthen our pastors to continue to grow.

…and MULTIPLY balanced, gospel-centered churches.
From the beginning, 1000 churches has never been about one church planting 1000 churches, but a network of churches planting churches that plant churches. As our churches grow, we aim to catalyze them to start their own families of churches.

What we do

We identify leaders through relationships.

This has been true of our collaborative for some time. Most of the people we plant came through one of our churches or at least through referral by one of our pastors. We believe that the key to identifying leadership and preparing them for high levels of leadership is driven by regular assessment.

We support each other like family.

The care that exist in our collaborative does not come primarily from the collaborative staff team but from the support of all our churches of each other. Our collaborative team provides opportunities throughout the year for meaningful connection through trips, zooms, and retreat.

We champion multiplication

As a collaborative we are all committed to seeing church multiplication happen. That means we financially support each others multiplication and the content provided for development of future planters comes from without our collaborative.

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