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What do you do when the excitement wears off?

Pastor Corbin Hobbs of The Heights Church in Denver, CO transparently shares the highs and lows that come with launching a new church. Here are six lessons he’s learned over the past few years about how to prepare your heart and mind for the end of the honeymoon phase:

  1. Learn to preach the gospel to yourself. Don’t be the person who preaches the gospel to everyone else but doesn’t preach it to your own heart.
  2. Healthy ministry always has a vision for the long haul. Be like the oak tree that grows slow and sturdy.
  3. Jesus knows what it feels like when people leave you and hurt you. Even knowing what was ahead, Jesus loved Judas and Peter.
  4. A lot of small wins equal the big win. Focus your time and energy on the small practices and small victories, and you’ll find yourself with a healthy growing church.
  5. Pray specific prayer. Ask God for exactly what you need.
  6. Learn to enjoy the ride otherwise you’ll be a miserable person. Take time with your spouse and others to celebrate the little things often. Don’t focus on the one critic getting under your skin.

Make sure you watch the video for more insight and encouragement from these points.

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