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How do I lead my launch team well through the first year?

Pastor Ryan Brooks of Vertical Church in Hillsborough, NC shares five things he learned about planting with a launch team.

  1. Start with the end in mind. What culture are you trying to cultivate? Shawn Lovejoy reminds us that our first ten people will be like our next 100.
  2. Start now with discipleship. While your launch team may not yet be a church, you still have the responsibility to disciple them and equip them. Don’t assume everyone is in the same place.
  3. Cast vision to vision-casters. Your launch team is there to help establish the vision, so look for people who can replicate and cast vision themselves. Start with your spouse.
  4. Build a team before you build your church. Your launch team will lay a foundation, but they are not the church yet. Develop skills to build teams. The team that lays the foundation is not the same team that builds the walls.
  5. Hold tightly to God; hold loosely to your leaders. Not everyone will stay with you. Your a building God’s church. Jesus didn’t die for you to work for him but for you to walk with him.

Leadership is not doing the work of ten men; it’s raising up ten men to do the work.

Make sure you watch the video for details and explanations for all of these insightful and practical points.

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